Otome Play curates the best otome games on the Google Play store. Otome Play makes it easy to find new anime games for your android device. Many of the apps found on Otome Play are free to play. Games found on Otome Play often fall into one of the main categories found on our site such as Anime Dress Up Games, Rhythm Games, Card Collecting Games, Visual Novels, Otome Games, City Building (which also includes farming simulations), Dating Sims, RPGs, and Virtual Pet games.

Otome Play offers you the ability to download the apps directly from the Google Play store, or to access the apk files from a mirror site.

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Otome Play is based in the USA, but it also includes links to games in the Japanese and South Korean Play Stores. For these games, you may first need to download a VPN and Tunneling Service App. More info on VPN and Tunneling services can be found here. Please note the following link is to an external website that is not affiliated with Otome Play.

Learn How to Install Japanese and Korean Apps. 

Otome Play makes no guarantees nor offers any services or support regarding any of the Apps listed on the site. Otome Play merely serves as a means to quickly and easily find all of the anime style games in one place while cutting out noise and distraction from unrelated apps. Otome Play showcases the best games for girls and brings to your attention some apps you may have not discovered on your own in the Google Play store.

Otome Play fetches the description, screenshots, videos, reviews, and information directly from the Google Play Store, so Otome Play also cannot change, modify, or edit the information regarding a specific app.

If you would like to contact the author of Otome Play, she can be reached at jenilee.dunson@gmail.com

You can find reviews for many of these apps and other console and PC Otome Games on http://GeekySweetie.com which is also created and maintained by Jenilee Dunson.

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GF Girlfriend
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Falukules Emblem Bishojo Training Moe game