MyBoy Kenta ~ Otome Game ~

MyBoy Kenta ~ Otome Game ~

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The athletic school idol Kenta has invited you to his basketball match.

Such an invitation seems to be something special. But soon you will notice that popular guys always have many admirers. You should be very careful, what you talk about and whom you trust. Is Kenta just a playboy or is there more to him?

Try to win him over and find out!

An extensive exciting love story awaits you in "MyBoy Kenta".


- Two available languages: English and German
- A Dating Sim in the manga genre (Otome Game) optimised for mobile phones and tablets
- An extensive love story in 21 chapters (days)
- Seven unlockable pictures
- Eight decision trees leading to three possible endings
- Eight characters
- A full game without in-app purchases
- Kenta's story


The MyBoy series is a flirting game for girls. A whole world with three individual stories awaits you. In every story one of our three main characters is featured.

You are new at the school and you meet many classmates and side characters. Among them, there are three special guys: Haruki, Kenta and the presi of the school. Now it's up to you, the affection of which boy you'd like to earn. Get to know them and learn their secrets. Will you be able to win over their hearts?

My Boy School – the manga-style dating sim game.

--- ABOUT US ---

We from Solvenga have made it our aim, to bring Otome Games in the manga style to Europe. We strive to keep the quality of our games as high as possible – this concerns their looks as well as the texts and the translations.

For more information about our games visit our website .


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