Let’s Snuggle! AR: Tsumugu

Let’s Snuggle! AR: Tsumugu

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  • Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • Installs: 100 - 500
  • Published/Updated Date: December 20, 2017


Voltage Inc.’s first AR app!

Your boyfriend's now pocket-sized, and eager to hang out with you in the real world!
Talk with him, touch him, offer him gifts...
Take him out to play in your room, at a cafe, or on a break from work or school and let your troubles melt away!


【Recommended OS】
※Cannot guarantee service on Android 5.0 or below.
※Not recommended for certain smart phones and tablets.


■How to Play

~Call him out to play!~
Tap on the key and he’ll walk through the doors!
He’ll even change his greeting depending on the time of day.
※If he’s not appearing, reposition your camera on a specific spot on a flat surface.
 If he suddenly disappears while you’re hanging out, tap the refresh button to bring him back!

~Tap and poke to play with him!~
Tap on your man as he walks about to get him to talk and react!
Tap on a different area of the screen, and watch him scurry over.
Leave him alone for a while and he’ll get bored! He may just go to sleep, or might even say “sayonara!” and leave, so make sure to give him lots of attention!

~Offer him his favorite food: strawberries!~
Tap the button to make a strawberry appear.
Throw him a strawberry and he’ll be pleased as punch!

~Take photos of him!~
Tap the camera button to take a photo of him!
Place him in the palm of your hand, and snap a photo of your very own Tsumugu!
Be the envy of all your friends by showing them your photos!

■Character Introduction

Tsumugu, from the popular app "Our Two Bedroom Story," is now in 3D!
Your man is now a mere two inches tall, and fits in the palm of your hand!
He’s still the same ol’ lazy cheapskate he always is, but your heart will melt when he blows you a kiss, or when you see him toddle toward you!
Your Tsumugu is a lonely sort, so make sure to give him lots of love and affection!

■What is AR?
AR stands for Augmented Reality!
Using your phone, augment your reality to see pictures and movies appear in real life!
With this AR app you can bring your favorite character into the real world with you!

■Suggested for people who...
・Love cute & new things.
・Like female-oriented manga comics/TV shows.
・Enjoy playing games.
・Are interested in fashion and makeup.
・Enjoy posting photos on social media.
・Love Tsumugu Kido from “Our Two Bedroom Story.”
And all romance-lovers!

■ Questions about the app and/or bug reporting

To report an issue within the app or to ask us a question, please contact[arbf@inq.voltage.co.jp]
Please be aware that we cannot respond to App Store reviews or Facebook posts.

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 Chuyo Tasogare
Chuyo Tasogare
December 1, 2017

I would prefer if he explored places from other Voltage games.I wish there was more development between the player and him,I'm just harassing him and poorly throwing strawberries at him,I have no interest in taking pictures and sharing them!It feels so lonely and empty can we get bond increasing games and chats? Full Review

 Anna Pez
Anna Pez
January 14, 2017

Great But lately seems to be taking a while for tsumugu to appear....

 Lene Lene
Lene Lene
December 19, 2016

Gets the job done but... First off, this is super cute. And I'm a huge fan of Tsumugu Kido, so this is perfect for me. HOWEVER, the detection takes a bit of time (not too long) and sometimes Tsumugu sprite will disappear so you have to press the refresh button to summon him back, hah. Definitely needs some improving but overall, it's super cute. He makes gibberish sounds and the OTBS bgm plays. Going to take all the cute photos with him ;) Full Review


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