Intimate VR:Eisuke

Intimate VR:Eisuke

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  • Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • Installs: 100 - 500
  • Published/Updated Date: October 1, 2017


[Recommended OS]
Android 5.0 and up

1. Voltage Inc. cannot guarantee support on any other device or operating system besides those listed above.
2. We may change or update the recommended device/OS list at anytime without warning.
3. App may be unstable even on a recommended device/OS depending on device’s usage.
4. Voltage Inc. is not responsible for any health issues caused by this app.
5. Voltage Inc. is not responsible for any damages or loss caused by the use of this app.

The thrilling VR experience comes to smartphones!
This much-talked-about VR experience is now playable in the palm of your hand!

■Feel as if he’s right in front of you!
The egotistical billionaire, Eisuke Ichinomiya, suddenly leans in and his lips come within a hair’s breadth of yours!
It feels as if you could reach out and touch him... Experience the world of “Kissed by the Baddest Bidder” like never before!

■Hot whispers in your ear...
Be careful where you stare! It may affect his attitude and what he says to you!
Plug in headphones to make it sound as if Eisuke is right there with you!
(Comes with English voice acting!)

■How to Enjoy
There are two ways to play!
・In “Handheld mode,” simply lift your device to peer all around the room in 360 degrees!
・In “VR mode,” use your VR goggles/headset and become immersed inside this incredible world!

※While the app can be enjoyed without smartphone-use VR goggles/headset, please use the VR goggles to get the most out of your playing experience.
※Please be aware that you cannot attach VR goggles to iPads.

■StoryYou awake to find yourself in a dreary, barren room.
You can hear footsteps approach from behind.
A man has walked in, and his eyes crawl across your body, as if to appraise you.
Why is here? What is going to happen to you? And then, suddenly, the room begins to move...

■What is “VR”?
VR stands for virtual reality, a new type of entertainment tool which, with the appropriate equipment,
allows you to become part of a virtual world through engaging sound and dynamic visuals.
Just like in real life, you can cast your gaze in any direction, and hear sounds come from specific locations.

■Suggested for players who:
・Want to fall in love with gorgeous men.
・Want to experience a kind of romance only the movies can offer.
・Enjoy romantic films, TV shows, and/or novels.
・Enjoy love stories or female-oriented comics and manga.
・Looking for extra eye candy.
・Interested in female-oriented dating apps.・Interested in voice actors.This app is for all women, and those that want to experience firsthand the power of love.

【Important Points】
■The VR goggles should not be used by children under the age of 13, as it may affect visual development.
For children under 13, please play the app without VR goggles in “Handheld Mode.”

■Please refrain from extended periods of play.
※We are not responsible for any health issues caused by this app.


■Questions about the app or bug reporting.
To report an issue within the app or to ask us a question, please contact

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 Elle Clarke
Elle Clarke
April 28, 2017

It seems incomplete Full Review

 Nora Bora
Nora Bora
March 4, 2017

Overall there is A LOT of room for improvement. It's a good starting point, and I believe this app is just a test for Voltage to see if there is a market for VR otome games. The entire experience lasts less than 2 minutes. And it's not compatible with Google's daydream (you have to turn it off to get this app to work with the Daydream View). Other than that - the art work and the voice acting is good! I definitely would like to see more of this and have it be more interactive. Full Review

February 4, 2017

This is a very experimental app. I do enjoy it because I think there is a lot of potential for where it can go. Not for everyone but I give it 4 stars because I like hearing Eisukes voice...seeing him in front of me. It brings the voltage experience right to me. Fair warning there isn't a lot of content so I don't use this as much as the other games but I still enjoy it and I plan to keep it and excitingly wait for updates. Full Review

 Tiffany Tjung
Tiffany Tjung
February 1, 2017

I just paid $4 for an incomplete app.... i sincerely hope it is updated SOON. wow. Full Review

February 23, 2017

I cant wait for them to update this! This could be a great app!! Full Review

February 12, 2017

More please. I love the beginning but would love more interactions. Full Review

 Jenarie Darcy
Jenarie Darcy
March 21, 2017

Would love some help in can't get it to work on the VR but other than that I love it Full Review

 Maryke Roode
Maryke Roode
February 11, 2017

I should've checked the rating before buying this. I can't believe I just spent R55 on this thing. It was a ripoff. Full Review

October 25, 2017

I want more of the story Full Review


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